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The Best of The Week

I don't know how much the local news gets into the national or international circuit, but events in my hometown have supposedly been drawing a lot of media attention. They have been here, anyway.

The Albuquerque Police Department has recently gotten itself into some trouble due to their absurd number of lethal shootings, the most egregious (but not the latest) one being the shooting of James Boyd, an extremely troubled man by all accounts who is probably the only homeless man in the entire history of Albuquerque to get a full-page biography in the city's paper.

The video, as was pointed out at a city council meeting, was released by the police because they felt it exonerated the officers involved. It doesn't really. It looks really bad. So bad that the video sparked protests.

On March 30th, I was sitting at the coffee shop on Central Avenue and Harvard Drive having a discussion with a Christian apologist over a "London Fog"- Earl Grey and steamed milk. The…

Before Lance Armstrong Americans felt road bike racing was something done exclusively by effete European anorexics in spandex. Some of us American types took up mountain biking. Mountain bikers hurtled boulders and forded white water. Our bikes had thick tubes and wide tires. We had upper body strength and we spoke English. We did our best to feel superior.

But we were not.

By 1995 I had participated in a couple bike races and I knew first hand what it…

Researching oxytocin takes you in one of two directions.

Explaining its chemistry is not something that can be done easily with plain language. Greek tells you that it means "quick birth." This tells you nothing.

Oxytocin is a nonapeptide. Peptides are combinations of amino acids. "nona" is nine — Oxytocin is a combination of nine amino acids. If you are a neurologist, you probably wrote down and memorized a mnemonic expressing the order of these acids to better…