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The Best of The Week

We are approaching a seismic shift in psychiatry. I am now going out on a limb to predict the direction we will go in.

The allopathic medical community will resist, including many psychiatrists. But it is the neurobiologists and brain imaging and rest of the psychiatrists who will prevail. If the creek don't rise and we aren't hit by a giant asteroid, nuclear winter, devolve into fighting over the remaining arable land as the world heats up....

I have been thinking about this all through my career, but especially since the lecture on adverse childhood experiences, the ACE study, which I heard in Washington, DC about ten years ago.

The lecturer was a woman. She said that it appeared that the brain formed differently in response to adverse childhood experiences. She said that we don't yet know what to do with this information.

Staggering understatement. I went from that lecture to one about ADHD. The lecturer was male. He said, "Children…

I don't really want to end up using E2 for day logs, but my last one was a bit sad, and someone asked me to write a bit more about myself, so here goes!

Happy things

  • I've started taking on projects at work I'm more comfortable with (backend development work, as opposed to frontend stuff, which I'm very rusty at) and have made quite a bit of progress.
  • I went to a tea party and made many new potential friends. Hooray!
Sad things: