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The Best of The Week

So we made a very small tweak to the XP/Leveling system. Whereas it used to require 500 XP to reach Level 1, and 1000 XP to reach Level 2, it now requires 400 XP to reach Level 1 and 900 XP to reach Level 2. All other level's XP requirements have remained unchanged.

In light of the decline in E2's active userbase, the purpose of this very modest change is twofold - to get new users into the system faster, and get more votes into the system sooner.

There is some backstory to this change. When the XP/Leveling system was overhauled back in 2008 the final plan that the tfxp usergroup unanimously approved actually had Level 1 status starting at 300 XP. Thereafter, the XP requirements to reach each new level smoothly ramped up by 200 XP per additional level until flatting out at 2500 XP required to reach each next level starting at Level 12. However, at the last moment, right when we were going to put the plan into action, alex, who had…

What a weird dream.

I was visiting my parents and we all decided to go out to a biker bar my parents sometimes frequent. Despite me being sober, my Dad insisted on driving home. So, from the back seat, I watched as he blew through a stop sign on one of the back roads he decided to take, knowing that the city pigs are normally stationed on the main drag that time of night.

It didn't seem odd at the time that I was in the back seat, though it's funny now. We were in the truck my dad had…

Also known as the cocked hat, the tricorn is a style of hat popular in Europe during the late 17th and 18th centuries, falling out of fashion by 1800.

Spanish soldiers in Flanders originally wore a wide-brimmed circular hat with a flexible brim that could be folded upward and 'pledged' to the crown of the hat. Individual soldiers could modify their hats in this way, and the style of pledging the brim upward in three…