You will never find a more wretched hive of ponies and buttercups.

The Best of The Week

1. What is your name?

My handle, legba gede, is a traditional voodoo spirit; a guard of gravesites to be precise. And yes, my eyes roll too, but way back when I did a stint as the records clerk and archivist for an international funeral home concern. Really, that's not made up. So once upon a time, it did really fit, in a fashion.

2. Tell us something about you.

Plus side? Doting father of two, decent husband? book lover, coffee addict, avid gamer and hobby writer? Minus side: absent minded, uneven attention to detail, somewhat anti-social, prone to pessimism, and generally misanthopic. But given my day job is actually advocating for human rights, it's probably wise to end it there.

3. How did you discover E2 and become a noder?

While skimming a Slashdot thread (on VPN? PGP?), there as a linked to an E2 write-up (on zero knowledge proofs?) which struck me as helpful. So did the site and the underlying premise.…

Dear graduate student,

I am sorry to hear you have to suffer through a qualifying exam.

Nowadays, incoming PhD students are well aware that they are sacrificing money and free time for the chance to slightly expand the bubble of human knowledge and the chance to be called "doctor", usually even without applying a scalpel to a human body. A fresh graduate student is initially welcomed to the university with free food and alcohol, as they are a (willing!) source of…

As reported last month, I realized that people were occasionally messaging the 'recipe' account about additions to one of the metanodes, and that these messages were not always processed in a timely manner. I suggested that we might replace them with categories. The idea got a bit of support, but one of the recipians worried that the categories might not...

... have the flexibility to replace all of the recipe metanodes? There are often sub-categories and