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The Best of The Week

It was disconcerting to have her watch me practice. On the practice field, there were only guys: coaches, trainers, and us football players, who sometimes wanted to be anywhere but out on the hot field getting bashed around. But one day she shows up. I get kidded by my teammates, I'm embarrassed, and after practice we have a hot argument.

"Well that was embarrassing."
"Why are you embarrassed?"
"Do you see any other girls out there watching?"
"I'm your girlfriend."
"You're not my girlfriend."
"I'm a friend who's a girl."
"Isn't there anything better to do that to stand outside in the hot August sun and watch us practice? It's not even a game. What do you get out of it? And please don't say watching me."

I looked over at her and I saw the eyes that could bore a hole into steel.

"I like to watch. I need to understand what you do and why you do it."

I was so prepared for an argument,…

We've all seen demolitions, if not in person, on television or some type of media. A structure is either in the way of something else new and shiny to be built or it's too old and damaged to be saved via renovation and, for whatever reason, it simply must go. Speaking of renovations, we've all seen this done, too, some way or another. They can range from redoing one room or floor, or virtually the entire structure is gutted and rebuilt. Whichever route is best for the situation, when we…

February 9, 2015

Headed upstairs to take a shower before going to work
On step number three or four, I get a bad case of double vision
And stumble backwards onto the landing
This is the third or fourth time in the past couple of weeks that my vision has been impaired
I lay on the couch to clear my head and when it does, call my doctor
He advises I should go to the emergency room and get some tests…