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The Depths of Knowledge (AKA DOK) is another measurement of student thinking for academic planning. That is to say, like Bloom's Taxonomy, the DOK "ranks" tasks and activities students can do as either higher-order thinking or lower-order thinking.

While Bloom's is ranked in six categories, lowest to highest, remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating, the DOK streamlines these into four categories: recall/reproduction, skill/concept, strategic thinking, and extended thinking. While the difference may seem inconsequential, the DOK tends to allow for more overlap in its categorization to account for higher order and lower order tasks that use the same methods. For instance; identifying the transitions in a paragraph is not particularly rigorous. Identifying the kinds of rhetorical devices used in a political campaign speech and the effect they have would be more complex. Both involve "Identification" but at different levels. Likewise,…

I am
You would not
have me otherwise.

Darth Vader is a 25-issue Star Wars comic series from Marvel, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larroca. This graphic novel incorporates issues one through six. The critically popular series is mostly standalone, although it does use elements from Marvel's main Star…





The frost coats my windshield,  ignores the sunrise

my breath a small cloud as I scrape two circles on the glass

one front,  one back  


I imagine you are inside the car

fingers in bright red mittens

wrapped around a mug of coffee, waiting 


for the horizon to turn blue 

for the defrost…