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The Best of The Week

Progress continues, apace. Which, of course, is what progress does. Making that tautological. But nevermind.

I've been able to eat a few additional foods. I've so far gone beyond liquids with:

These have all been most welcome despite my being limited to approximately 4-6 tablespoons of any combination of them at any given time. I've been very tentative as I explore the possibilities, figuring that if it's only two weeks until I'm allowed to eat actual solid food, I might as well just wait for that. The longer I go without it, the longer the 'relatively easy' weight loss will continue, and the lower the surgery risk as far as I can tell.

After a week stuck between 298 and 301, today I was finally below that, and feel like I'm continuing downward. Something had to give, I wasn't eating any more calories. I think…

Yesterday before the rain

I cut the grass,

filled the bird feeder

and moved two grey wooden lawn chairs

For a few brief moments

I pretended he was with me

happy that the sky was blue

happy that the small birds

were chirping in the bushes

As the clouds moved over us

I asked my ghost husband,

"why did you leave so…

The Martian
By Andy Weir
Broadway books, 2011

The Martian is an excellent work of near-future hard science fiction. It is set in our own world, but advanced by a few years, to the point that manned flight to Mars has been underway for some years. The story starts mid-way through the USA's third trip to the red planet, and nothing too very exciting is expected. Unfortunately, only six days into the mission a massive sand storm…