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The Best of The Week

     3        2    2'       3'     
      \      /      \      /       
       C == C        C -- C        
      /      \      //    \\       
4 -- C        C -- C        C -- 4'
      \\    //      \ 

So here's been the newsy stuff lately.

I finally found a house I wanted that didn't immediately get snapped up by investors offering cash, which is a minor miracle. Because almost every house in this town gets sold to investors. I was lucky.

Almost as soon as I paid my earnest money, my old car had a maintenance issue -- a failing head gasket -- that would cost more to repair than the car was worth. I loved my old Lumina -- most reliable car I ever had, so no…

Some kind soul wakes up before the rest of us and gets the coffee going so that we can grumble into it as we assemble, shrugging into boots and cargo pants and ballcaps with short brims, bought or modified to fit underneath helmets. We're congregated loosely and waiting for the word of the day. Rucksacks covered in nylon webbing and lashed with demolition tools and rope and first aid pouches litter the floor.

Tasking comes in. Strike teams are assembled and briefed.…