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The Best of The Week

Quite often rogues seem inherently more interesting than the staid and worthy. Perhaps that is why I've spent more time than I should in researching a long-dead ne'er-do-well great uncle. During that genealogical quest I came across the California Prison and Correctional Records, 1851-1950 and indeed I did find my uncle in those records.

However, I got side-tracked when I saw the name James Bond who was incarcerated for committing an "Infamous Crime Against Nature" on the Register and Descriptive List of Convicts Under Sentence of Imprisonment at the State Prison at Folsom. Even though he was no kin of mine I had to pursue his story.

His records included not only a written description, but also mug shots. The 1901 Folsom Prison mug shot shows a fairly dapper young man, wearing a dark suit with wide lapels over a white shirt and…

Sometimes it's a good idea to look backwards and reflect on the good things that have happened, or that you've accomplished or overcome. To put the dead grass outside the windows and the dust inside the house in perspective. To stop the agony of brokenness or worrying about the inevitable future. I cannot call it self pity, but rather accepting what is.

This is easier said or written than done. As for myself, I lost about fifteen pounds, working out three…




Sister put her hand
on grandmother's chest,
did they stuff her bra

the flesh-colored donor sticker on
her driver's license
(she's smiling in the photo)

sister remembered it first






Given enough time alone you can follow
the exploded universe backwards,
to when all fingertips, all molecules of
sky in…