Don't write poetry or get tattoos
Sitting at a laundry mat reading One Hundred Years of Solitude
The cool kid
Like Ness in the black and yellow
He only hits home runs
Garbage puns
And other miscellania from outer space
Stuck in a casino on Mars
A degenerate muttering something about the Art of War
A school of hard knocks
He wishes he grew up on the block
Where dog eats dog
But at least the dealer doesn't hide his guns
Satin red panties on the long brunette nun
My lawyer never passed the bar
I wasn't worried his big words sounded smart
Officer please dont search and seize
I promise I do my part
Picking up litter on the side of the highway
An old teddy bear glanced at me sideways
Wondering where the kid went
For more quarters and a tray of lint

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