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Hey, fellow nodesplorer! I'm just a humble wordsmith, trying to eke out a reputation here on the vast plane of Everything. Don't mind me, I'm just chiming in where it feels appropriate. But have a look at everyone else's neat business, below!

Personal website(s) I never update:

What I do:

  • partake heartily in math, science, and programming
  • love to learn things
  • am a Gemini (hey ladies)
  • play games and exploit rulesystems
  • constantly lose myself in thought
  • chronically abuse capitalization and punctuation
  • sporadically engage in hypocritical elitism
  • argue about stuff, a lot (a lot)
  • surf the web maybe?

News: Grinding out an undergraduate mathematics degree.

My achievements:

People who are super cool: wertperch, jessicaj, Tem42, Zephronias, RedOmega, Mouq, avalyn, Glowing Fish, moeyz, Auspice.

Math/sci nodes of mine that I am exceedingly fond of: call/cc yin-yang puzzle, TREE(3), taxicab metric, fusible number, seven-dimensional cross product, A Few More Translation Exercises, matroid, Kuratowski's Forbidden Subgraph Characterization of Planarity.

I also have a surprising number of video game–related nodes: SpaceChem, Robot Unicorn Attack, double jump, I Wanna Be The Guy, Tool-Assisted Speedrun, Sonic R, Kaizo Mario World, An Untitled Story, Jumper, Item Abuse, VVVVVV, Dynamite Jack, speedrun.

My unnoded drafts also have some neat stuff, I hope: click here. (Yes yes, I know it's pretty empty, I'm working on it)

I hereby release all of my published writeups into the public domain.

Below lies a mess of bookmarked stuff ranging from kick-ass to spectacular stupendous, don't wear it out. (Or do, it's for the best!)

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