TRADOC is the acronym for the TRAining and DOCtrine Command of the U.S. Army. This organization is responsible for the collection, recording, analysis, documentation, publication and dissemination of information for the Army. Essentially, any training publication, official doctrine manual, or the like is overseen by this command; all after-action reports and debriefings and other collection of 'lessons learned' are eventually forwarded to TRADOC for recording and interpretation.

It is also responsible for all major training operations in the Army. the famed Basic training that recruits pass through is not subordinate to combat commands but the TRADOC. thanks Byzantine for pointing this out!

As of 1999, TRADOC had 15 major installations containing 27 different schools. These were manned by over 8,000 instructors, and employed around 65,000 people both military and civilian. Over 350,000 personnel (soldiers, civilians, foreign student/soldiers, etc.) were trained by TRADOC in 1999.

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