17-inch sock puppet, a lamb, with a forty year career on television (1957-1998). Now coming out of retirement, Lamb Chop is the only sock puppet to be represented by CAA.

Often appearing with the arm of puppeteer Shari Lewis, Lamb Chop's distinctive nasal voice and perpetually six year old personality has won her fans around the world. Her first television appearances on The Captain Kangaroo Show in 1957 were so popular, that they soon got their own show. In 1960, NBC dropped The Howdy Doody Show from their Saturday morning lineup in favor of The Shari Lewis Show. From 1968 to 1976 they had a Sunday night show on BBC-1, and did specials for Canadian and Australian television. Lamb Chop has performed live for Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and the Queen of England. In 1993, Lewis was asked to testify before the House telecommunications subcommittee about the Children's Television Act, a law requiring TV stations to provide educational and informational programming. Lamb Chop's testimony was recorded separately from that of Ms. Lewis. Lamb Chop earned 12 Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, the John F. Kennedy Center Award for Excellence and Creativity, and seven Parents' Choice Awards for Lewis, and appears in her own CD-ROM, "Lamb Chop Loves Music." Though known for their work in children's television, Lamb Chop and Lewis also had a risque nightclub act.

In 1998, Shari Lewis died of uterine cancer. Her daughter, Mallory Lewis, a television producer who has worked with Lamb Chop since the age of 12, has coaxed Lamb Chop back into performing, with appearances on the Rosie O' Donnell show and a tour of Japan. Several DVDs are in the works.

Radar notes: "When JFK was shot, Jackie Kennedy had a Lamb Chop puppet next to her in the car. The puppet was given to her by an admirer along the parade route --> http://spot.acorn.net/jfkplace/02/Mtr-0002.jpg"

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