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The Best of The Week

Turns out if you take nortriptyline, tizanidine, and 10 mg of melatonin all in one go, you get weird dreams.

Some of these make more sense than others.

* * * * *

On top of a wooded hill, under a starry sky, group of faeries were saying a blessing to the elements.

They got fire, water, wood, wind, and earth, and then they looked at me smugly.

I said they forgot one, and the black night dragon broke out of the valley for the first time in millennia. He was so dark, the only way we could see him was to see his black outline against the sky where the stars were blotted out.

He thanked me for remembering him, then said he was going to eat the entire world, but he owed me a gift first.

I asked if he could be made an egg again so that I could hatch him and raise him properly so he wouldn't want to kill everyone.

He agreed.

* * * * *

The city was made from towering sky scrapers that caught the light, but only…

"Touching down in 60 seconds."

"I'm so excited," he said, "maybe I shouldn't be, but it still feels like the first time, every time."

He'd get used to it I thought. His honeymoon has lasted longer than expected.

"Where do you think we should hit first?"

"Well, I do like ice cream."

"So Serendipity 3 first? I can dig it."

We were landing, rolling down the runway. He seemed more wrapped up in plans for the coming days than caring about the…



I used to interrupt

try and correct, because I was sure the story they were telling was false


because I was young

because I thought the truth was what mattered


Now,  when I hear someone telling us what happened 

I just listen and nod


It was so many years ago, 

in a place that does not exist anymore 


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April 30: SciFiQuest 3021: The Quest From the Black Lagoon starts as the month dies.

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March 6th: Happy birthday Wifey!

March 14th: Pi day.

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February 15: OpinionQuest 2021 starts.

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January 1: Gregorian New Year.

January 16: National Nothing Day.

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January 26: IWhoSawTheFace left us. We will miss him.

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December 1: Iron Noder has ended, and the initial results are in!

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