Literary Karaoke

The Best of The Week

if the keys in my hand,  Turned a lock of your hair

I would walk through the glance,   But I'd stop at the stair

I'd follow it down,   To the very last step

And I'd wait by the room where your secrets are kept





 As noon shades to night

I'll invite you to shed

all your compulsion and sorrow unsaid


if one comes before two

and three before four

might I have your attention for a few hours more 


and if you'll take the rains 

then I'll drown you in grace

as my kisses outnumber the tears on your face

February was not always hard. Maybe, for some people, it still is not.

I love winter. February used to be the pinnacle of winter glory. Everything white and frozen, bright peaceful walks in the middle of the night in a perfect snow fall. The world hibernated under a deep freeze, waiting to wake up in the spring. It was glorious.

2013 was the year that all changed.

2013, in general, was one of the worst years of my life. It all started in February with an intense and…

Is a series of novels by a hack writer who was in the right place at the right time and now everyone of my generation (i.e. millennials) wanks themselves silly over, to the point at which they actually make Quidditch into a real sport and ask the author to magically overturn the Brexit referendum. They are also massively overrated.

Executive Summary

Trustafarian Jesus saves the world.

And in a bit more detail?

Do I really have to? Can't I…

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