Remove lid. Add water to fill line. Replace lid. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Let cool for 3 minutes.

The Best of The Week

Postea vero quam Tyrannio mihi libros disposuit mens addita videtur meis aedibus.Cicero, ad Atticum IV.8

In my household, November is the month for carving away the accumulations of the past year. Spring cleaning is a waste of good weather that could be better spent hiking, but here in the Midwest, where subarctic temperatures and snowbound roads are a routine feature of the month, the time is used more effectively. The house gets systematically cleared of clutter, room by room, box by box, anything still usable "re-homed" with interested relatives and friends.

This year was decidedly trying, on the accumulations front. My mother had electrical and plumbing renovations done on her house, which had been built in the 1930s, and my childhood bedroom needed cleared of its contents to make way to the electrical circuit breaker box and the furnace,…

The usage of baby daddy varies from place to place. In many places, and I believe originally, it simply was a way to refer to a person who was the father of your child, but who was not currently your boyfriend or husband. Many baby daddies are involved with raising their child, provide financial support, and are what most Americans would simply call a father, and what in times past might be referred to as an 'ex-husband'. However, with the decrease in popularity of…

The bustling berg of Buffalo, Missouri is literally just down the road (US 65) from Urbana, Missouri. If you're looking for more than what Urbana offers then Buffalo is the way to go.

Buffalo is around three square miles in size, sitting in the middle of Dallas County. Actually, this city is the location of the county seat, so when it's time to pay your property taxes this is where you'd go if your property happened to be situated within its boundaries. Note that Urbana is partially in…

News for Noders

November 1: The IRON NODER CHALLENGE starts today and runs through December 1. It's never too late to sign up, and all writeups get rewards. /msg mauler if you'd like to participate!

November 1: Happy Birthday Zephronias!

November 5: Bonfire Night in the UK.

November 11: Veterans Day in the US.

November 28: Thanksgiving in the US.

November 27: Happy Birthday Estelore!

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October 1: Please join us in celebrating The Culture of Fear: The 2019 Halloween Horrorquest.

October 17: Happy Birthday gnarl!

October 31: Something spooky will probably happen today. It usually does.

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September 7 С днём рождения, Stasik!

September 16 Feliz cumpleaños Ancientsnow!

September 18 Happy birthday Stuart!

Septemaaarr 19 Talk like a pirate day.

September 25 Happy birthday Templeton!

September 27 Happy birthday Uberbanana!

October 1: get ready for The Culture of Fear: The 2019 Halloween Horrorquest!

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August 4 Happy birthday avalyn!

August 6 広島

August 9 長崎

August 27 Happy birthday Bitriot

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July 1: Brevity Quest 2019 begins!

July 1: Canada Day.

July 4: America Day.

July 7: Alice’s Day (AKA Alice in Wonderland Day).

July 17-22: Hemingway Days; party central is Key West, Florida.

July 31: Harry Potter's Birthday.

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