Remove lid. Add water to fill line. Replace lid. Microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Let cool for 3 minutes.

The Best of The Week




Outside the seasons change,

but the walls of the hospital are always grey


The music playing overhead changes

depending on which nurse controls the speakers


They tell me that the medicine changes

but the doctors don't,  so I don't notice it  


The channels switch,

but it's all television 







for those who know what a day room is for 


Spacecraft on longer-duration missions, in order to conserve fuel, are designed to use reaction control systems to control their attitude as little as possible, in order to avoid burning irreplaceable (or difficult to replace) fuel. Control moment gyroscopes and reaction control wheels are the most common systems in use for spacecraft that have arbitrary pointing requirements. Satellites in orbit, designed to maintain a constant attitude with respect to the body they are orbiting, will…




She did not send me a stack of photos as a 

going away gift 


I imagined that it would have been interesting

to see the stack of them;  an album  


The dances, the weddings (formal with forced smiles)

the fall weekends at the lake  (relaxed,  tshirts and jeans)   


She did not send me photos to save or to…

News for Noders

March 1st: The Prosenoder's Cup 2019 starts today! (Late starts may still report to the line by visiting Hevosen Rotu: An E2 Proseproduction and reserving a title.)

March 14th: Pi day.

March 15th: Midnight today is the last chance to post in, and vote on, the Prosenoder's Cup 2019.

March 20th: The first equinox of the year.

March 28th: Happy birthday lizardinlaw!

March 31st: Happy birthday mad girl's love song!

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February 15th: Happy birthday Admin to the goo!

February 18th: Happy birthday mjijm!

Polish your boots and fly your colors. The Prosenoder's Cup returns March 1st! Signups now open at Hevosen Rotu: An E2 Proseproduction"

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January 1: Gregorian New Year.

January 1: ReQuest 2019 begins!

January 24: Happy Birthday Silverai_me!

January 26: Happy Birthday Segnbora-t!

January 31: ReQuest 2019 ends.

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December 1: Iron Noder has ended, and the initial results are in!

December 2: Happy Hanukkah!

December 12: Happy birthday to horacetheclown!

December 25: Merry Christmas!

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November 1 - The IRON NODER CHALLENGE starts today and runs through December 1. It's never too late to sign up, and all writeups get rewards. /msg mauler if you'd like to participate!

November 1 - Happy Birthday Zephronias!

November 5 - Bonfire Night in the UK.

November 11 - Veterans Day in the US.

November 22 - Thanksgiving in the US.

November 27 - Happy Birthday Estelore!

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