Colic medicine for babies, manufactured in Britain by Pharmax Ltd. Infacol is a sweet-smelling and tasting, slightly viscous white liquid, that is administered to a baby with a small dropper before feeding. Its active ingredient is simethicone.

The idea behind the medicine is that it causes small bubbles in a baby's digestive tract to join up into bigger bubbles more easily. Bigger bubbles are easier to burp up or fart out. The substance isn't absorbed by the body: it acts purely on the liquids in the digestive system. This leads to the following amusing statement in the overdose warning: "If your baby (or an adult) accidentally swallows a large quantity of Infacol (such as a whole bottle full) it is highly unlikely to do any harm." (Emphasis mine.)

From our point of view, our baby became significantly less colicky within just a couple of days of dosing him up with Infacol. As promised, he farted much more, and seemed happier at being able to release all that built-up gas.

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