(Hinduism, Sanksrit)

The fifth of the purusha incarnations of Vishnu, was Lord Kapila, inventor of the Sankhya philosophy system, or the Indian school of metaphysics. Like all empowered incarnations, he is described in the first Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam, thus:

"pañcamah kapilo nama
siddheshah kala-viplutam
provacasuraye sankhyam

The fifth incarnation, named Lord Kapila, is foremost among perfected beings. He gave an exposition of the creative elements and metaphysics to Asuri Brahmana, for in course of time this knowledge has been lost."

Bhag., Canto 1, Ch. 3, Text 10

"jajñe ca kardama-grihe dvija devahutyam
stribhih samam navabhir atma-gatim sva-matre
uce yayatma-shamalam guna-sanga-pankam
asmin vidhuya kapilasya gatim prapede

The Lord then appeared as the Kapila incarnation, being the son of the prajapati brahmana Kardama and his wife, Devahuti, along with nine other women [sisters]. He spoke to His mother about self-realisation, by which, in that very lifetime, she became fully cleansed of the mud of the material modes and thereby achieved liberation, the path of Kapila."

Bhag., Canto 2, Ch. 7, Text 3

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