Underground cartoonist and zine writer. Jeff is a man in his mid-40's who has been publishing comics and zines for the past 10 years. His work falls into two categories: psychedelic, surrealisic comics, and slice-of-life zines about his life as a manual laborer. His zines also usually have realistic drawings of commonplace objects that are quite stylistically different from his psychedelic art.

Apart from being an artist and writer, Jeff is well known in areas of the zine community for fostering the work of others. He helps publish and publicize the works of people who are unknown.

The legend has it, that depite the fact that Jeff is a homeless day laborer who often camps out in the swamps of Florida, he manages to take the blurry, amatuer writings and drawings of aspring artists around the country and put them together into such publications as the White Buffalo Gazette. This legend is only partly true, since Jeff is usually not totally homeless, but the fact is, he does go to great efforts to help publish the works of people who are much better off then him.

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