Artist: Tom Waits
Album: Heartattack and Vine, 1980

This slow, rather blues-y ballad was written for Tom Waits' then-girlfriend, Rickie Lee Jones, even though she was living in New York at the time and hailed from Chicago by way of California. The song was largely ignored, however, until it was covered by Bruce Springsteen during his 1981 tour; the song even appears on his Live 1975-1985 box set. It was Bruce who added his oh-so-special third verse. Apparently, Waits was accepting of Springsteen's addition, since in one concert recording a duet performed by the pair includes said verse (included below). The song has also been covered by Holly Cole, Pale Saints, the Radiators, and (once) by Pearl Jam at a concert in Holmdel.

At some point during performances of the song, a more genteel version of the first verse appeared (mostly used by Bruce Springsteen, but apparently also done by Tom Waits on at least one occasion) in which the word "whores" was replaced with "girls". I suppose "ladies of negotiable affection" or "seamstresses" just didn't fit the meter.

The cover version by Bruce Springsteen has, unsurprisingly, become a staple in the music collections of most die-hard Jersey-shore inhabitants, to the point where few actually know the original artist. More's the pity.