Mostly teenage girls who have learnt to exploit their sexuality and men's weaknesses to gain free gifts.

With the aid of a web cam, they put up a homepage which periodically snaps pictures of themselves which get posted online. The sites usually also include chat areas, where visitors to the site may interact with the said teenage girl.

Nothing's wrong with that. Just the homepage of a girl with pictures and chatting, like in the tradition of jennicam. But what sets these cam girls apart is the section of their site which contains links to their gift wishlists(such as those provided by, etc.), said section more often than not, titled 'Love Me'(yes, that's the current definition of love these days: lots and lots of gifts).

'Cam whores' because these gals are using their picture-filled sites to entice visitors(mostly the male sort) into buying them things. What guys try to hope for in return for buying them gifts are maybe more pictures, more illicit pictures, or even more personal attention from the females, maybe even cybersex. And likely, many of these webmistresses know how to keep the guys and gifts coming.

As a recent article on August 2001) puts it," Candy from strangers - Teen girls flash some skin on their "cam sites," and fans shower them with gifts. Who's exploiting whom?"

The girls don't even mind being labelled, proudly brandishing the title of 'cam whore' on their sites, and even comparing with others/competing on who gets more gifts, more visitors, blah blah. Even worse still, is their attitude. I can't say this for all these sites, but most of those i checked out(they're all linked to each other it seems), were quite their diary/rant sections(so you can get to know the girls better, of course), they all had the same spoilt-brattish comments, rude rants, bitchy remarks, yes lots and lotsa bitchy remarks. If you have to visit these sites, go for the pictures, not the words, my advice. Hence, cam whores, not word whores, rant whores, intelligent comment whores. It's all the pictures. These are what attract the most attention, and gets us wanting more.

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