This is a little saying to help straight men remember which ear they can get pierced. The left ear is ok, the right ear means you're a limp-wristed pansy.

Is this not the stupidest thing you've ever heard? I did not know about this whole "gay earlobe" thing when I got my ear pierced. I got my right ear pierced because I thought it would look better there, because it'd be easier for me to take care of, and would hurt less because most of the time I sleep on my left side.

Well, when I showed up at school with my newly adorned right-ear, no one really noticed it at first. Then in my Economics class, the teacher made a joke about it (with no ill-will, he made fun of everyone), which of course drew the attention of the entire class. After that I began to get complimented on being so brave, and being harassed about being gay. Actually, I was/am gay, but since I don't fit the typical stereotypes, I'd managed to avoid the whole homophobia brouhaha. Now, suddenly, I was one of the gay kids. Suddenly everyone knew who I was; I was, if not popular, infamous. All because I put a hole in my ear.

I thought that when I left high-school that that'd be it; that it wouldn't be a big deal after that. I was wrong. People would whisper around me in line for the movies, beautiful girls suddenly started talking to me ---inviting me to parties, I was approached and asked to join the Triangle Club (the queer club), and I was just treated differently, though not badly, per se.

In the end, it started to annoy me. I don't like being known as "the gay guy," though I do suppose most of my WUs are about gay stuff (the old "write what you know", I guess). Still, I think there are much more interesting things about me. In the end, I didn't take my earring out. I just got my left one pierced too. Now I just fade into the background. Just the way I like it.

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