The Kappa are amphibious beings who according to legend, can be found in the waters of Japan.

Kappa are believed to be about the size of an adolescent child and are said to have green or blue slippery skin as well as webbed fingers and toes. They are often depicted as having the head of a turtle and the body of a human. (Sometimes the Kappa have the head of a lion or an otter.)

The Kappa's head is capped with short hair. On the top of its head is a small depression which holds water when the Kappa roams about on land. It is said that when the water dries up the Kappa will either die or at least lose its powers until the water is replaced.

The Kappa is a demon of ambiguous nature. Some believe the Kappa preys on humans and animals, taking special pleasure in removing its victim's liver through their anus. Others believe the Kappa helps with the agricultural needs village communities, aiding in irrigation.

The Kappa are believed to have a special liking for sumo wrestling and cucumber. Because the Kappa like cucumber so much, the type of sushi roll made with cucumber is called kappa-maki.

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