615 - ??? A.D.

Antar bin Shaddad bin Qurad Al Absi, son of Zabibah, she was a black Ethiopian, his father enslaved his mother in one of his battles, she had other sons and daughters before getting married to Shaddad. Obaid was one of Antar's favorite brothers, Obaid had a story known by his name, also known by the various Arab story tellers for his love for running and for his speed.

Antar was one of the few famous Arab warriors who drew a fine line between bravery and hasty idiocy.

Antar was once asked: are you really one of the bravest of Arab men and also one of the strongest?

Antar replied: no!

He was asked: so why do you have such a high esteemed reputation with the people?

Antar replied: I would go to the front line in battle, and search for the weak and cowardly, and hit him as hard as I can until I strike fear in the hearts of the strong and the brave, this would open my way to attack the strong and the brave and make my job a lot easier.

There are 3 different stories for Antar's death, the most famous was a poem written by the Nabhan tribe. in which Antar made a raid on Nabhan's tribe to steal their flock of sheep and camel, the eldest man in Nabhan, known as Wizr bin Jabir Al Nabhani killed Antar, Wizr threw his spear and it struck Antar's back.

While dying, Antar asked his Absi tribe to make revenge for his death, his wish was not fulfilled, as Islam started to spread across Arabia and it forbade vengeance and it started to unify the various fighting pagan tribes and made peace between them.

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