Oekaki is the term used for a type of BBS in which each post is actually a wonderful piece of artwork which fellow users will leave comments. Oekaki boards are mainly found on anime fansites, but I have seen some for American cartoons, such as Invader Zim, and also other fandoms with a large fanart following.

There are a variety of paint programs in use on Oekaki boards, but the most common seem to be a very simplified program with most of the functions of Windows Paint and Painter, a program with a few different sorts of brushes and sometimes features two layers. All of the artwork is done with either your mouse or a tablet, if you're lucky enough to possess one. The things people have done with just a mouse are quite impressive though, and I can't even tell some oekaki paintings done with a tablet from art that was scanned and painted in Photoshop.

Tan has an oekaki BBS! oekaki.scionic.net
Some other Oekaki sites :
  • http://piroekaki.rydia.net:8080/picture.cgi
  • http://kapong.dynu.com/oekaki/picture.cgi
  • http://www.oekakicentral.com/

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