St. Provo Girl beer is brewed by the Utah Brewers Cooperative. Their original ads featured Alise Ingrid Liepnieks dressed as a traditional German fraulein, and read "If you just said, 'Oh my heck,' it's probably not for you."

"Oh my heck" is a quintessential Utah Mormon expression, and both the name of the beer and its slogans poke fun at the condemation of alcohol by the LDS church.

The name of the beer ostensibly comes from St. Pauli Girl beer, brewed by a German company. The St. Pauli logo also features a traditionally dressed blonde.

The beer received a good deal of exposure during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, held in Utah, and was inevitably compared to St. Pauli. To avoid complaint, St. Provo Girl has changed its ads, dressing Liepnieks in red. The company has recently begun to package the beer in cans; thus, the new caption reads: "Oh fetch, now they've put it in cans."

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