How To Make Cocaine HCl

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Warning: Do not try this at home. No specific amounts are given here, because the exact recipe varies from region to region and from cartel to cartel.


  • Coca leaves. Coca leaves are native to the Andes: the best ones are grown in Colombia and Peru, although you can also find them in Bolivia. Efforts to grow coca leaves elsewhere have not been successful, so unless you live in this region, you will need to find a way to import the leaves. In general, you will need a hundred kilos of leaves for every kilo of cocaine you plan to make.
  • Gasoline. Benzene will do in a pinch. (A good deal of money is made in South America by gasoline runners, who buy cheap gasoline by the coast, take it into the mountains, and sell it to the drug cartels at a huge profit.)
  • Acid. Hydrochloric acid is the most popular. You can also use sulfuric acid.
  • Ammonia.
  • Potassium permanganate.
  • Acetone (paint thinner).
The most common way of doing this is to dig a pit in the ground, called a pozo. Throw the leaves into the pit, pour some gasoline on top of them, and stomp on them with your feet until they are ground into a nice mush. It's a lot like the old European method of stomping on grapes to make wine.

Next, strain the gunk you've just created, to get all the stems and loose pieces of vegetation out. You should have a somewhat runny paste, a combination of cocaine and ecgonine in gasoline. This is called coca paste in drug lingo.

The next step is to add some acid, which will dissolve some of the extraneous chemicals in the mixture. Filter the remaining paste again, and add the potassium permanganate and some more acid. Filter once more, and let the paste dry until it begins to harden. Add the ammonia, and let it dry once more.

You should end up with a substance called cocaine base that is strikingly similar to crack rock. (In fact, crack is actually cocaine that is reprocessed back into cocaine base, so theoretically you can stop here and smoke what you've already got... but do you want to become a crackhead? I think not. Read on, kimosabe.)

Dissolve the base in a bucket of acetone for several hours: you should get a light tan mixture. Then add some more acid, and allow the base to precipitate out of the solution. You should see tiny white crystals begin to form at the top of the bucket. By filtering the slurry through cloth, you can capture the crystals, and let them dry in the sun or under a heat lamp.

Congratulations! You just scored some coke!

Source: INR 4931 "Drug Trafficking," Florida International University, et al. Whoever said poli sci wasn't useful?

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