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Writeups to edit, mostly for length and detail, before adding anything new to the database: (word counts are there because they make me feel special)
then: 235 words, now: 540 words. It's still kind of a short writeup and this is the second time I've rewrote it, (it used to be really short) but at this point it's actually pretty comprehensive compared to what you learn about them ingame. And besides, padding it to look larger would be bad.
Breath of Fire 4
now: 277 words. needs content OH REALLY NEEDS CONTENT.
now: 245 words. Same thing as with Jumi only I haven't gotten around to actually filling it in with extra information.
Suikoden II
now: 487 words. ...This is short. That's odd, because it's a pretty long game.
Paladin's Quest
then: 464 words, now: 776 words. I elaborated on some things, while also dropping mentions to random ingame things that are just confusing if you haven't played the game! I still like the game. did not mention the spherical trees.
black magic
now: 233 words. The 'conversation' bit needs clarifying and rewriting, and the whole thing just king of needs to be written over with a better style.
Master of Orion 3
now: 557 words. I really liked making lists.
Uberman's Sleep Schedule
now: 249 words. Because it's one of those writeups which depends on the other writeups in the node to make sense.

So that's half of them.

Writeups to write once I finish the above:

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