A little bit of Ben Folds Five, a little bit of Gomez, and a dash of Super Grass, Lonehawk prove themselves fine musicians. The band's on-stage shenanigans invoke the very spirit of their music: cause a ruckus and have fun while you do it.

Originally from New York, Dan Lubell, Alex Stimmel, Jon Abrams, Nick Zarin-Ackerman, and Ben Sibly, road tripped it to Cambridge’s Middle East Nightclub for an amazing performance. Lubell set up with three keyboards: piano, organ, and moog to show off his funky Hancock roots as well as an appreciation for 70’s rock. Lubell's banter partner, Stimmel, finessed the bass like a fine woman. Abrams and Zarin-Ackerman both provide a plethora of energetic guitar playing - and Lonehawk can simply not get enough guitar playing. Sibly, long time friend and drummer, was able to accompany Lonehawk for this show.

Lonehawk ia a very generous band, handing out copies of their self-titled CD and awesome lighters that have bottle openers on the end. The gesture is reminiscent of a real musician - not about profits, but about music, spreading the word, and encouraging fun.

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