Demon is the current name of one of the first roller coasters built at what is now called Six Flags Great America. Built by Arrow Dynamics and opened May 29th, 1979, this looping classic steel coaster was originally called Turn of the Century. In 1980 it was remodeled and had extensive theming added. At this time the roller coaster was named Demon.

Riders load two across into classic deep steel roller coaster trains equipped with OTSR (Over The Shoulder Restraints). Demon begins by dropping the rider into a small, darkened tunnel with some sound effects, after which the train hits the lift hill. Taking the riders to a height of 102 feet the coaster rounds the top of the hill to drop 90’ coupled with a quick, but great, stomach-stealing feeling caused by the 54-degree angle. Reaching speeds of 55 mph, the coaster then goes into two vertical loops, which loop around stone structures. The train then drops into a tunnel with older lighting effects. After the midcourse brakes the train turns and dives under a waterfall coming from the mouth of a stone demon. This enters the riders into a double corkscrew that is followed by the final brakes before the station. This ride lasts about one minute forty-five seconds and covers 2130 feet.

In 1998, 23 riders were stuck upside-down, 50 feet about the ground when the ride malfunctioned. The train was stuck in the second loop. This lasted for around two hours. Fifteen riders sued with the results unknown. The cause was determined to be a broken wheel assembly.

The following is the compiled statistics of this still popular steel “demon”:
  • Height: 102’
  • Drop: 90’
  • Top Speed: 55 mph
  • Length: 2130 feet
  • Inversions: 4 (two vertical loops and 1 twin corkscrew)
  • Duration: 1:45
  • Angle of Descent: 54 degrees

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