World leaders, demons, aliens
no matter what their name
in the name of peace and love
can be stopped just the same.
--from "All Rise" by Cathy O'Brien,

The conspiracy, predictably, involves the CIA, Nazis, the Vatican, Satanists, HAARP, Walt Disney, assorted rock musicians, and Freemasonry. Naturally, childhood sexual abuse plays a key role. According to the escaped sex-slaves of Project Monarch, it all serves the world's (or, it seems, America's) power elite.

And that elite, in some accounts, are the Lizard-People of the Illuminati.

Project Monarch seems to be largely the invention of Cathy O'Brien and her husband, Mark Phillips. O'Brien claims she was victimized by her father, who produced child pornography. Her uncle, privy to the top-secret Project, realized that the girl was perfect fodder for Monarch, which recruits multi-generational incest victims who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). O'Brien makes several unfounded claims about this condition; apparently, it gives one a a photographic memory, superhuman senses, and a high pain tolerance: all requirements for the CIA experiments. This, she explains, is the reality behind those Satanic Cults which suburban myth has performing Satanic Ritual Abuse in every other neighborhood; they're CIA fronts which produce the children Project Monarch requires. Disney films, Steven Spielberg's ET, L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz, and even John Steinbeck novels all play a role in the programming. Of course, the CIA has an elaborate system of coded words, which permit operations to take place in public; bystanders will only hear the innocent words, and not the coded messages.

Their purpose? Well, because the agents have multiple personalities (not to mention their other nifty powers), they can be used as sex slaves, spies, or criminal operatives, without their primary personality ever knowing what they've been doing. This prevents future blackmail and other inconveniences.

Professional comedians, O'Brien assures us, often handle the Monarch slaves.

O'Brien, it turns out, was a "Presidential Model" slave. Her customers included George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. "Hillary knew I was a mind-controlled slave," she reports, commenting on their first meeting, "and, like Bill Clinton, just took it in stride as a 'normal' part of life in politics."

And she recalls with horror the memorable day when she saw Bush reveal his true form: a humanoid lizard.

For the sex slaves do not exist only to provide pleasure to their masters. The Illuminati Reptiloids require human DNA, obtained through acts of sex and vampirism, to retain their human disguises.

Then again, perhaps this is not so. O'Brien elsewhere indicates Bush may have simply used a holographic projector to create the illusion that he was a lizard-like alien.

Could this really be happening? Or perhaps this woman suffers from schizophrenia?

Others have testified.

O'Brien's husband, Mark Phillips, has told varying accounts of how he learned about Project Monarch, whence he rescued his future wife. He claims he had a sensitive position with NASA in the 1960s when it seems he could have been, at most, in his early twenties. He also claims to have stumbled onto sensitive information while working for California-based Woodland Hills Research and Development-- a corporation which doesn't seem to exist. According to reporter/conspiracy theorist Martin Cannon, Phillips' most impressive job for which any record can be found involved the sale of recreational vehicles.

Another woman, Brice Tayler, tells tales similar to O'Brien's. As a bonus, she implicates the late Bob Hope in the conspiracy. It must be noted, however, that her stories appeared after Cathy O'Brien's were available for inspiration.

Granted, the CIA, in the past, has experimented with mind control, hired former Nazis, used torture, infiltrated news sources, and set up a brothel with a hidden camera to film the effects LSD had on the unwary patrons to whom it was given. They also left a trail of evidence (and shredded documents). Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof; proof exists for MKUltra. Evidence of Project Monarch is, at best, sketchy. Yes, the CIA attempted to create programable humans; no, there's no evidence they succeeded in doing anything but warping people's minds to no good end. An FBI investigation into reports of Satanic Ritual Abuse, prompted by the notorious Satanic Panic of the late 1980s/early 1990s (actually a review of other investigations) found no corroborative evidence that ritually-abusive transgenerational Satanic cults exist. Evidence and identifiable survivors of the CIA's established atrocities exist. Credible evidence and survivors of CIA-sponsored, decades-long sexual abuse do not, despite the fact that such a project would be considerably more difficult to conceal. O'Brien, Phillips, and Taylor, have provided nothing apart from their testimony. Little Cathy O'Brien sex videos have never surfaced. She has not even provided evidence, beyond her testimony, of the scars and other observable physical damage she supposedly carries on her body.

What, then, to make of this strange mix of conspiracy paranoia and the 1980s alien invasion mini-series V?

Our world leaders are, let us say, not consistently forthright with the general populace. "Deals with the devil" occur daily. Metaphorically, at least, a few of the world's political giants might be described as monsters and rapists.

And O'Brien's talk of Neuro Linguistic Programming, whereby we are subtley influenced to do things which work against our own interests, likely resonates with anyone who has endured the omnipresent advertising of our era.

I do not for an instant believe in the reality of these conspiratorial claims. But the people making them may well have suffered. Perhaps they are victims of serious abuse, or perhaps they suffer from organic brain disorders. But through their delusions, they may be seeing a kind of truth. The principal effect of their hypothetical mental disorder may be that they see metaphors and symbols with such blinding clarity that they do not recognize the more mundane truths which these metaphors and symbols might point to and illuminate.

Notes and a few sources:

Dreamvirus, among others, note that the "Illuminati Reptilians" have been cited in the paranoic fantasies of others, most notably David Icke.

I should also note, with reference to oakling's wu below, that I am describing the popular account of Project Monarch, which assumes that the CIA used certain methods successfully to create programmable humans. While some present-day continuation of MKUltra is theoretically possible, it is nearly impossible to find accounts of Monarch which do not include (1) successful human sex-slave programming and (2) People of note, who may or may not be Reptilians. Monarch would be unique indeed among the CIA's projects of so many big names were involved-- even more so if they have an alien lineage. It is not enough to repeat documented facts and newer allegations about MKUltra and other CIA atrocities. We know they used extreme techniques, decades ago, in an effort to reprogram people. Those who believe that a specific "Project Monarch" exits need to provide a compelling reason why we should believe the theoretically possible half of O'Brien and Taylor's testimony, while ignoring their fantastic claims. And given the term's dubious and (seemingly) recent origins, it seems a poor choice to adopt as a catch-all for real and alleged torture and skulduggery by the CIA.

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