Drug Dealer is the name of a very fun game for druggies. Sober folk might enjoy it as well, I dunno. I never played sober.

Avail yourself of a deck of cards. Deal each player a single card, making sure one player gets the King of Spades and one the Jack of Spades. Extra cards are not used, but there really is no upper limit to the number of players provided everyone gets a single card and at least two get the King and the Jack.

Jack is the dealer. King is the cop. Jack's job is significantly more difficult, since he must make a "drug deal" with every player except the cop. King's job is to bust the dealer.

The way a deal works is this: Jack winks at a prospective client. The client, upon noticing the wink, does nothing for a minute (if he reacts immdiately, it will be too obvious who's holding the Jack). After that, he displays his card and announces, "A drug deal has been made." He's then out of play.

If Jack succeeds in making a deal with every non-cop player, he wins.

If at any point, the player holding the King notices--or thinks he notices--the wink, the deal going down, he can accuse the player he thinks is holding the Jack. A correct accusation wins him the game. A false accusation loses him the game.

I've had a lot of fun with this game with a small roomful of people, but always wanted to try it with like 50 people, possibly featuring multiple dealers and cops.