this song is definitely a complete classic. it has been covered by at least 24 artists, including:

it was dave frishberg's first published song, and first recorded in 1962 by anita o'day. but not until diana krall's 1998 recording on her album love scenes did the song reach a wide audience. mr. frishberg is puzzled as it has never been a personal favourite of his. he says he thinks he has learnt to write a lot better since then.

diana krall, however, says she selected this particular song to cover because she and her sister considered one of blossom dearie's versions one of their favourite songs ever. incidentally, this is probably the song diana is most reknowned for, her voice being utterly sultry and the lyrics being overtly sybaritic. it reminds one of cleopatra, of this completely dominating woman being fanned with feathers and yawning boredly, batting her eyelids coquettishly.

mae west uttered this line languidly to her coloured maid, as she shimmied across her lair of opulence in a sheer gown, and it has since become almost the most repeated phrase of the 1930's, second only to mae's other catchphrase, "come up 'n' see me sometime".

p.s. fyi, grapes are believed to be the oldest fruit and their reputation as an aphrodisiac seems to be just as old.

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