We could, of course, make an art out of killing and thus create something much more disturbing than this nodeshell.

Although we are likely to feel less conscience-stricken if we instead make an art out of death.

If we can see a kind of beauty in the inevitable, does it cease to be death in a strict sense?

*This was an attempt to redeem the above statement--or at least to make it a little less insipid. You work with what you've got. :)

This phrase was written on the back of t-shirts by the band ChemLab. ChemLab is an industrial band that toured with KMFDM and Sister Machine Gun in 1994. I met the lead singer Jared at the show in Portland in 1994. I think he was high on heroin at the time.

I didn't buy one of these shirts, but I wish I had because I thought they were kind of cool. I've seen them for sale on eBay going for about $20 or more.

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