Donald E. Westlake character who appears in his Richard Stark-signed novels. Parker is the finest exponent of professional criminals. His first name is never mentioned in the novels he appears, and there are many details about him which remain unknown (like his tradition of waiting people sitting on sofas in dark rooms). Parker is scary, not just because he is cold, methodic and efficient, but because Westlake is very successful in making him believable. Parker does not pull off extreme stunts or becomes unreal, he just does his stuff, always taking the most direct route to it.

Parker started his series in The Hunter (filmed as Point Blank and Payback), where he chases his ex-partners and ex-girlfriend, who had betrayed them in a heist and left him dead.

He wasn't dead, but the police caught him, and having a police record wasn't his cup of tea. Slow and methodic, Parker kills'em all, one by one. When the mob protects one of them, Parker takes on the organization.

After that, he would go on on some memorable stunts, like robbing an entire town in The Score or a navy base in The Green Eagle Score... always perfectly blueprinted coups, executed with perfection.

Parker has been played on the cinema by Lee Marvin in the movie Point Blank but he was called Walker, and Peter Coyote in Slayground.



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