Scratchitti is a form of graffiti that's made by etching and carving your tag on an object instead of using tools like marker ink or spray paint. Most commonly this is seen on the glass on subway doors, bus windows and school desks.

Popularity for scratchitti has risen over the past decade as more cleaning agents were developed that eased the cleanup of traditional graffiti. Scratchitti permanently damages the surface thus giving it a longer lifespan. It's much cheaper to paint over a wall with graffitti than it is to replace an entire window covered in scratchitti.

Let's not use the term scratchitti, it makes us sound too much like academics documenting graffiti, behind the curve. Instead we will call it scribing like good upstanding well informed observers.

That said, scribing is good fun for the whole family. Grab yourself a rock, a diamond tipped scribing tool (resembling a capped ball point pen), sand paper, or some etching cream, and lets get down to buisiness. Be a jerk, cover that whole mirror in the bathroom, nice big curving arcs, back and forth. Try not to make it crummy, because your going to have to look at it for the next couple years. Unless they replace that panel or try to buff it by sanding - which will make a nice hazy mess out of the whole thing. Most will just manage to pull of something recognizeable, a select few will excell leaving us some amazing treats.

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