...is no different from flaunting anything else.

Whether you wear a T-Shirt from your favourite band's latest tour, a Leatherman(tm) Supertool on your belt or an Armani suit, whether you pepper your words with TechSpeak references or four syllable words from the world of philosophy, your behaviour is in many ways a reflection of what you would like people to think of you.

For some people the emphasis is on "smart", for others it "rich", and for many it's "sexy" or "sexual".

What's the big?


There used to be a great big flame war in this node from the eldrich days of a more participatory E2. My WU was originally in response to the claim, made by several over-sexed and under-laid college geeklings, that females who flaunt their sexuality are evil malicious people who are deliberately trying to drive them mad with unrequited desire (or something like that).

I really don't know why my point of view was chosen for survival when all others were culled; but one doesn't like to argue with the evolutionary pronciple. Maybe you had to be there, though.

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