Short (and more common) form of Comic Market;
An enormous con held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center twice a year, attracting several hundred thousand visitors each time, over the course of two (in winter) or three (in summer) days, for two things:

  • The buying and selling of doujinshi. This happens in 4 gigantic halls, each as large as a footbal field or larger. About 20,000 doujinshi circles attend, and the Comiket was originally created to give them an opportunity to meet each other and their readers.
  • Cosplay. This happens in a separate area, and is a sight to make any fan of anime, manga, or Japanese video games weep: almost every popular character can be found here, and the costumes are often hard to believe, either because they're so detailed, or for their skimpyness.

Comiket is something you have to see before you can really believe it. The sheer mass of people is incredible - and all of them wait in line patiently, often for hours.

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