Just log in with username 'coffee',
The password, of course, also 'coffee.'

Kiss me with your Sunday morning mouth
I want to taste that strong black coffee.

There is something I have to tell you.
I met someone, skin black as coffee....

Officials said the house was empty,
steam rising from two mugs of coffee.

From the exercise yard he looked back -
The smell of someone brewing coffee.

She moved the floor lamp a foot to the right,
but could not hide the stain of coffee.

The edge of a shaft of sun
bisects the surface of my coffee.

If there is any hope of heaven for us,
let it be a place with good coffee.

Hidden in the forest shadows,
a tiny plot planted with coffee.

The last Space Station resupply craft:
It brought but oxygen and coffee.

When I look into your nut-brown eyes
I need a couple cups of coffee.

She fainted on the waiting room floor
poisoned, they say, by so-called coffee.

We should never have opened her will;
terms burning hotter than fresh coffee.

The Rabbi spoke slowly for all to hear
"Your misdeeds call for tepid coffee."

When she was only a willful child
she laid schemes to get hold of coffee.

The Chinese invented many things,
but the one they forgot was coffee.

Two hands clasp a cracked mug of coffee.
You take your God. This fool takes coffee.