I don't know if this lucid dream actually happened or if it was a dream I had while I was asleep. This is what I can remember. I followed the instructions; do an all nighter, then sleep for 20mins whilst listening to binaural beats. Wake up and be active for 10 mins, then finally go to sleep again.

As I woke up to turn my alarm off however I noticed the LED light on my computer was sparkling. Then it began to grow frame by frame as if it was far away; it pulses and surges towards me at a frightful speed. at this point I realised that I am actually dreaming but, this ridiculous fractal red LED light has taken over my field of vision and has engulfed my verbal thoughts; it threatens to engulf my consciousness. I feel I am shaking and every noise around me has started to stutter like a scratched cd (binaural beats has this effect).

I cannot tell whether I am imagining that this sound is being created or that it is there but it's deafening. It sounds very much like a rocket. All of a sudden, I am calm. I start to take note of what is going on in my consciousness. I begin to 'see' (I was not actively imagining any of this) a procession of environs, large mountains with crystal clear rivers flowing, clouds, animals, fractals, honeycombs, cells rendered in the most grandiose sense of detail. The colours are lush, vibrant and almost creamy in how they appear to excessively gush out out of every frame. I am overwhelmed with a feeling of certainty concerning all things, nothing is beyond my ken. I feel like a God. I don't know how long this took, gradually my self-awareness faded while taking note of all the intricate shapes and patterns.

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