Alt Sex Stories Text Repository

Perhaps the most inclusive body of pornographic and erotic writing on the Internet. Searchable, but also categorized into various Collections. Stunning in scope, there's something here for everyone over 18.

Available at and

If you're looking for some decent ASCII based erotica on the Internet, then this should be your first (and likely only) stop. Forget trawling through banner advert or - even worse - pop-up advert infested web sites. The main way to access the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository is via FTP, although you can instead browse it via the web if you prefer - with absolutely no adverts.

All the files are organised into neat little directories, either by the name of the author or the collector of the stories. The main collection, the archive of (spanning from 1997 to the present) can even be searched based on the story codes, making it trivially easy to find stories that do have some elements but don't have others.

Another thing that sets this site apart from the rest is the way you log in. Anonymous FTP access is allowed, so you don't need to set up an account. In fact, the only reason you would want to set up an account with your own username is to upload your own stories, or your collection of other people's stories (with the authors' permissions, of course).

If you're a connoisseur of erotica, ASSTR is an invaluable resource. If you write such stories, it's even more useful, providing you with a popular server to pseudonymously publish your works on. Either way, it's an indispensable site for anyone interested in the genre.

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