A term coined by writer Paul Jennings for Punch magazine in 1966, Anglish is a linguistic purism project conducted on the internet on various wikis and news reporting blogs, such as The Anglish Times, with the goal of communicating modern science and current events in a form of English which omits nearly all words which have etymologies sourced from languages other than English. The majority of foreign vocabulary in English entered the language following the Norman Conquest of Britain in 1066, which saw French inflicted on the citizens of Britain as a mandatory lingua franca, and English and the native Celtic languages discouraged or punished when used.

In Anglish, the modern English language is called "Mean English," and articles are everydaywise presented on Anglish websteads in a manner which treats Anglish as though it has been in use simbel since before the Norman Conquest, rather than an irregular recreational form of the modern English. In instances where a word is already present in original English, but underwent a spelling change through contact with other languages, it is reverted to its earlier known spelling, e.g. "tongue," in the sense of a language, is rendered as tung. Anglish is differentiated from Ednew English in that it is striving to wholly eliminate foreign influences from English, rather than reintroduce obsolete English words while still abiding foreign influences.

Some authors in the Anglish Moot wiki even pursue the idea so far as to replace Greek and Latin binomial nomenclature in the taxonomy of animals with Anglish equivalents: Domain Eukaryota is expressed as Truekernels, and Order Carnivora is expressed as Reavedeer.

The witship of phonetics is speachsteadlore, and each of the anward sciences has its own name rendered into Anglish on the wiki, similarly. For example, the following is a sample introductory paragraph on the topic of mootmanship (politics) from the wiki linked above:

Mootmanship (Mean English Politics, from Greek πολιτικα, "dealings of the boroughs"), is the thoroughfare of callmaking that holds sway on belongers of a flock. It is to do with fulfilling the plights of leadership when leadership is begotten. It is the leadership of a land's burghers, often in the shape of a rick. Furthermore, mootmanship is the learncraft or beworking of the share of might and orshafts within a given folkdom, as well as the kinship between folkdoms.

The Wordbook most widely used by Anglish enthusiasts is to be found here, and is searchable with ctrl + f. While this writeup could have been composed strictly in Anglish, I believe in the interest of intelligibility the above pargraph and several example words I have given are sufficient demonstration.

Iron Noder 2022, 12/30

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