A 24 hours news network originally created back in 1980. They started off small, covering the most major stories but sometimes not even live. Satellite feeds were harder to come by back then. However, once they got their stuff together, the network became a very prominent news source. Strongly relying on the Associated Press, the network moved forward and gained prestige. They started opening bureaus in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Middle East. Each one reporting news to the network back at home. Eventually, Headline News was created. This network consists of one 30 minute feed of all the headlines shown over and over again all day. Many other CNN networks popped up eventually as well. CNNi is an international channel that broadcasts all over the world but not the US. Eventually came CNN Airport, which is a feed broadcasted into...airports, all day. The most recent networks added were CNN en Espanol, CNNSI, and CNNFN. CNN en Espanol is simply the news broadcasted in Spanish. CNNSI is a collaboration with Sports Illustrated to bring sports news 24 hours a day. CNNFN is a Financial News network that brings financial news from markets all over the world. The network itself is owned by Ted Turner, and is only getting stronger.

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