1. I was complaining about people in 
  2. my department to someone who 
  3. worked elsewhere in the store. 
  4. It was a Sunday afternoon, 
  5. outside the sky shone blue through our 
  6. freshly cleaned windows. While I raged his eyes 
  7. regarded me carefully, knowingly, cautiously.
  8. "You need to say something." He said.
  9. When I found my voice I told him 
  10. I was so angry I couldn't.
  11. "Stick to the facts. Avoid the emotions."
  12. He was right, but the timing was wrong.
  13. I kept my mouth shut while I waited,
  14. trying to figure out what to say and
  15. when to say it. I felt better than I had 
  16. in a long time when I woke up the 
  17. following morning; clear headed and alert. 
  18. I sent him a text thanking
  19. him for his advice, his next words have
  20. been burned upon my brain. I had told him
  21. I was ready for a confrontation and
  22. had compiled a list of facts when I read his text
  23. "Don't over think it."
  24. His words were wise. I wish we were
  25. still friends, but I understand why
  26. we're not. The worst part about mirrors
  27. is they reflect the darkness, as well as the light.
  28. Is it truly better to have loved and lost?
  29. I would let you know, but I'll be damned
  30. if I'm going to overthink this.

I will be 27 soon and I realized that
I still don't feel like an adult and
I have no idea at what point I will.

At some point I created the idea that
at some point I would have a road map.
At some point I would know when and
at exactly what point things would happen.

I don't think I will ever have that certainty but
I still haven't stopped looking for it. Still,
I do have a constant I can hold on to so
I'll be damned if I'm going to overthink this.

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