Hello again Miss Stillworth, seems like it was just yesterday. Do you like this place? 

No ma'am. Not much. 

You’ve been in and out of here since you were thirteen, there must be something you like. 

That's what my mom says. 

...how is your mom Jennifer. 

She’s doing better. She went back to work Wednesday, so. 

That's good. Speaking of going back. Miss Jennifer, you are one week to the door.

Yes ma’am. 

So I've got your records here, I have a question I'd like you to answer for me. Kids leave this place, something happens at home, they're back here again. It's a pattern, but it's not the pattern I see in your records. You're there when something happens. When there's a crisis. It's afterwards you wind up back here.

I know. Yes ma'am.

Can you tell me why that is. 

...it's little things


...little things? 

Yes ma’am. 

I don’t…what does that mean Jennifer. 

It's...I was in the dayroom, and the TV was on...there was a story about Texas, about people there after a hurricane. It’s sort of like that, when you’re still there after a hurricane but your house is gone. You know what to do. Even though you’ve never done it before. The rest of the time it’s just, missing buttons. Mud puddles. Where’s my other shoe.  

And that brings you here. 

It brings me here. Yes ma’am. 

Do you like it here. 

I don’t. No, ma’am. 

Did you know there’s a place in the middle of a hurricane, where everything is still. It’s called the eye. It’s miles wide, outside that is the worst part of the storm

I haven't...I've never been in a real hurricane. Feels sometimes like I have. 

That’s called surviving. A week to the door, Miss Stillworth, the hard part comes next. Missing buttons. Mud puddles.

The little things. 


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