Starred as Liam Kincaid on Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict. Leeshock joined the cast in 1998, the series' second season, replacing Kevin Kilner as the lead. He departed after the fourth season, returning only for the series finale.

Before devoting himself to a full-time acting career, Leeshock completed an engineering degree at New York's Cornell University in 1989. A native of New Jersey, he moved to New York in the early 1980s, where he undertook selective scene study training with Wyn Handmann, as well as training in the Meisner Technique, comedy improvisation, and voice. He went on to perform with several theater companies, including Complex, West Bank Cafe, SoHo Repertory, Samuel Beckett and Actor's Factory.

From 1993 to 1996, Leeshock lived in Los Angeles where he pursued his acting career and wrote a one-man show which he says was good background for his new role as Liam Kincaid. When not on location, he lives in New York, often visiting his parents and four brothers and sisters in New Jersey.

In addition to the semi-official filmography below, Leeshock has also appeared in the daytime series "All My Children," the telenovella Crystal Empire, and the independent films Trash, Elysian Fields and Murder.

"Earth: Final Conflict" - Liam Kincaid (1998-2001)
"Empire" - James Lambert (1995)
"Beverly Hills, 90210" - Keith Christopher (1993-1994)
Me and Veronica - Jimmy (1992)
"Loving" - Monty (1983)

TV guest appearances:
"Life's Work" - Jeff in the episode "Dates" (1997-06-03)

Some of this information was gathered from IMDB and the Earth: Final Conflict website.

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