Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Index with First Lines

          Sonnet I - I thought once how Theocritus had sung
         Sonnet II - But only three in all God’s universe
        Sonnet III - Unlike are we, unlike, O princely Heart!
         Sonnet IV - Thou hast thy calling to some palace-floor
          Sonnet V - I lift my heavy heart up solemnly
         Sonnet VI - Go from me.  Yet I feel that I shall stand
        Sonnet VII - The face of all the world is changed, I think
       Sonnet VIII - What can I give thee back, O liberal
         Sonnet IX - Can it be right to give what I can give?
          Sonnet X - Yet, love, mere love, is beautiful indeed
         Sonnet XI - And therefore if to love can be desert
        Sonnet XII - Indeed this very love which is my boast
       Sonnet XIII - And wilt thou have me fashion into speech
        Sonnet XIV - If thou must love me, let it be for nought
         Sonnet XV - Accuse me not, beseech thee, that I wear
        Sonnet XVI - And yet, because thou overcomest so
       Sonnet XVII - My poet, thou canst touch on all the notes
      Sonnet XVIII - I never gave a lock of hair away
        Sonnet XIX - The soul’s Rialto hath its merchandize
         Sonnet XX - Beloved, my beloved, when I think
        Sonnet XXI - Say over again, and yet once over again
       Sonnet XXII - When our two souls stand up erect and strong
      Sonnet XXIII - Is it indeed so?  If I lay here dead
       Sonnet XXIV - Let the world’s sharpness like a clasping knife
        Sonnet XXV - A heavy heart, Beloved, have I borne
       Sonnet XXVI - I lived with visions for my company
      Sonnet XXVII - My own Beloved, who hast lifted me
     Sonnet XXVIII - My letters! all dead paper, mute and white!
       Sonnet XXIX - I think of thee!—my thoughts do twine and bud
        Sonnet XXX - I see thine image through my tears to-night
       Sonnet XXXI - Thou comest! all is said without a word
      Sonnet XXXII - The first time that the sun rose on thine oath
     Sonnet XXXIII - Yes, call me by my pet-name! let me hear
      Sonnet XXXIV - With the same heart, I said, I’ll answer thee
       Sonnet XXXV - If I leave all for thee, wilt thou exchange
      Sonnet XXXVI - When we met first and loved, I did not build
     Sonnet XXXVII - Pardon, oh, pardon, that my soul should make
    Sonnet XXXVIII - First time he kissed me, he but only kissed
      Sonnet XXXIX - Because thou hast the power and own’st the grace
         Sonnet XL - Oh, yes! they love through all this world of ours!
        Sonnet XLI - I thank all who have loved me in their hearts
       Sonnet XLII - My future will not copy fair my past
      Sonnet XLIII - How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways
       Sonnet XLIV - Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers

-- End --

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