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bread crumbs n.

Debugging statements inserted into a program that emit output or log indicators of the program's state to a file so you can see where it dies or pin down the cause of surprising behavior. The term is probably a reference to the Hansel and Gretel story from the Brothers Grimm or the older French folktale of Thumbelina; in several variants of these, a character leaves a trail of bread crumbs so as not to get lost in the woods.

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Bread Crumbs are litterally crumbs of bread. They are used as an ingredient in many different recipes. They are made by allowing bread to dry out, and then crumbling it up.

Often used in meat dishes to put a bread coating on the outside of the meat, like in chicken cutlets or fried chicken. In dishes made from ground beef, like meat balls or kabab kubideh, they help hold the form of the meat together while it cooks.

A tip from my old Italien Grandmother: wet the bread crumbs down with some water before making meat balls, it helps them come out nice and soft.

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