This is a fantastic turn of phrase when the world is just too much, too heavy, yet you really don't have any option other than continuing to plod through. Whether one screams into their internal, metaphysical void; screams into a written void anonymously with witnesses, a personal journal, the world of social media, or has the ability or option to actually scream into a dark night sky without neighbors calling the cops on you; it can be highly cathartic.

There are pros and cons to each of the options above:

Screaming into one's internal void is probably the most frustrating. It does not really feel like an outlet. In many ways it is the equivalent to "stuffing it". This frequently leads to a build up of emotions that eventually burst out in one way or another. Often, this does not end well.

Screaming into a written journal works very well for people who may not be great with words or expressing their feelings, or just don't feel like they can talk about their internal frustrations. It a good way to purge the emotions and process things. The risk with journaling is someone finding it and reading it. Stream of thought emotional purging usual has a lot of raw thoughts, and if the cause of those thoughts finds and reads them, that may not end well.

Screaming into an anonymous void with witnesses can be a really good release too. Sometimes just being seen and heard alleviates the build up of emotional pressure. Having complete strangers validate your experience can be incredibly relieving. It not only provides that release, but also reminds one that you are not alone, nor the only one to go through a seemingly insurmountable experience.

Finally - if you have to option, actually screaming into a dark night sky feels amazing. The primal scream release allows not only for an emotional pressure to lift, but also is a physical manifestation of exploding - in a controlled manner, and not unintentionally AT someone (regardless of whether or not they deserve it). Find a way to experience this at least once.

Scream. Scream into the void.

iron noder 2023

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