From a human perspective there are four kinds of love, but there are more perspectives on the matter than the human one.

A dog's love is an intense devotion, arising from little more than steady meals and a safe place to call home, asking in return only physical affection and regular attention.

A cat's love is an aloof distance kept for the sake of respect, with closer affection not demanded at first but eventually ventured upon achieving comfort and security in the relationship.

A songbird's love is the ability to be intimate for the sake of shared goals, yet break apart someday for the sake of personal freedom, with no regret nor loss of affection.

An ant's love is a bee's love, a total devotion to the great collective, possibly to the point of annihilation of the self, for the sake of collective efforts.

A lion's love is a devotion to a smaller collective, without the annihilation of the self but with the ability after great loss to let one's previous efforts go, and try to build again.

A bear's  love is a fierce and sometimes violent devotion to the results of one's efforts, perhaps to the point of ignoring other people.

A wolf's love is about building a collective out of one's personal efforts but then letting things go once it is time.

Choose wisely.