Narcotic, yes - I must admit
beneath the everlasting dusk
the title is a perfect fit.
You fairly reek of angst's rank musk.

Addictive? Yes, your hordes enthralled
to find the flavour of the day
have found your nails nine times dulled;
their biting points were thrown away.

The highway of integrity
you ride - success exacts its toll.
Cold cash conceals inequity -
you've sold away your lack of soul.

You've now been fixed - incapable
of further fright or more offense.
This sad end was escapable -
with public's eye you chose amends.

Dance now for me, my boy in black -
we've paid you well, you charming thug.
The crowds have found it in your lack;
for them, that is the perfect drug.

yes, inequity really isn't the right word, but it rhymed which was good enough for me at the time.)