I was going through the iron noder progress list to make sure I voted on every node added through this year's THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE XII: WE'LL RUST WHEN WE'RE DEAD and I saw Dustyblue's sentiment in the node above this. Even though the challenge is over I thought I would also add a post because the noding goes on and on.

First off, my thanks to mauler who again took the reins and drove this crazy wagon through the wilds of November during NaNoWriMo. Mauler was busy this year and could only squeeze out a couple of nodes but he made the time to keep this November tradition going. I tip my Pickle hat to thee.

Secondly, I would like to tip the aforementioned Pickle hat to my fellow noders who signed up to add to the nodegel. Just signing up makes you a winner in my book, no matter what manner of metal you ended with in the end. I read a lot of excellent material, from noder poetry to fun fiction to the staples of Everything2: the factuals and the daylogs. I didn't see a single negative-rated node. Good on all of you to add quality material.

The next group I want to thank are the folks who maintain the nodegel and add to the code. Even though the volume of posts has dropped off from its heyday, E2 is still relevant and worth the time to swing by and post a few things.

Finally, I'd like to thank the folks who read the nodes posted this year in the challenge and interacted in some way, from voting (up or down, it's all good), to granting a ching, to liking a post, and to saying something in the catbox. The challenge wouldn't be as fun without all of your participation.

As for me, this is my fourth Iron Noder and my fourth time hitting at least Iron to get added to The Hall of the Iron. This year I had one novel I had to rough-draft (and I completed NaNo in 26 hours, a new record for me) plus I was editing a novel for a Hugo-nominated client. I couldn't dedicate myself to writing nodes like I did last time, so I couldn't surpass my last record of 294 nodes and the title of Orichalcum Noder, missing out on Mithril by a mere six nodes.

It's been a blast!