I decided to join E2 once again, after a long 16-18year break.
I like to use () a lot, instead of ; or : or -
I use ()s to express sidenotes and information that is not directly relevant to the main point, though reading over the below I feel that I could introduce the point with the stuff inside the ()s.

Been reading E2 at work (given the mute colours of the site, I can read without drawing too much attention from people in the open space office) and decided that I could possibly contribute.

After creating an account, I realised that even non writers can get writer's block, though I guess that's quite natural, us mere humans are much less interesting than troubled writers' souls.
First thing I wanted to add to is everything is everything, however, I realised that I can't even explain my view properly to my partner, let alone E2 strangers (or, friends I haven't met yet, as my local church sign so presumptuously states).
I feel that all the booze has finally killed off enough brain cells so that I can better communicate to normal people, however I realised that I never wanted to communicate with normal people to begin with, so that was a waste of a few billion neurons. So here I am, feeling dumber than I did 18 years ago (though having said I was an arrogant lil' cactus, so it's hard to tell) with what I consider an interesting view on life, the universe and everything and only my puny vocabulary, lack of theoretical mathematics/quantum mechanics understanding and minimal writing skills to express it.

The few times I managed to explain my simplified view on life I had very positive feedback, my favorite response was:
"It's like you were solving a rubik's cube in front of me and in the end everything just clicked"
That was a long time ago and I was probably in an alcoholic euphoria where even my brain makes sense.

This is my intro, and seeing how hard and, believe it or not, long it took me to write this, I think I'll stick to logs and drafts for a little while.