I'm randomly logging even though it's tomorrow, but I've already logged today.

I was just reminded of something that I felt like sharing.

I once went to a sound healing, it's some sort of new age meditation thing with bells and whistles, literally. The guy running the workshop looked like he has smoked a lot of dope in his life, and was in fact an ex drug addict. I found a lot of what he had to say interesting enough, but even though it is mostly the generic kind of stuff, when you're in the right state of mind, it does the trick.

One thing he said has stuck with me, it was: "Having a bad day? Have a bad day." said as a matter of fact. If I was younger this would mean nothing to me, but having grown older, softer and more emotional, I found this advice quite useful.

I'm not your typical "live in the moment" kinda guy (I don't think), but I do feel like I put most of 'me' into things that I'm doing. That means that these previously mentioned bad days, when they are happening, are quite bad; at that moment most of me and my life are bad.

This simple little thing has saved me a lot of bad days turning into worse days, or worse weeks. It has changed "today is horrible and I'd rather not be alive" into "I've had worse days, and tomorrow is most likely going to be better". I've suffered through horrible days with a smile on my face, thinking "yep, I'm having a horrible day"

I'm not sure this will help anyone who's not a simpleton like myself, but if it does, you're welcome!