Today, little Miss Smooshface Stasikovich was born.

Wifey woke up at about 2:30am, she wasn't convinced she was going into labor, so she had a couple of showers and what-not, until my alarm went off at 6:30am, at which point I was greeted with a "I don't think you're going to work today", though she still wasn't sure what she was experiencing were contractions. As you would expect, I jumped out of bed, finished packing the last few items into the 'hospital bag' and got the car ready.

I called work, telling them I won't be in for a couple of weeks, and at around 8am I got wifey into the car, by that stage I was sure about the contractions, even if she wasn't. By the end of the car ride, she definitely knew what was going on, and by the time we were in the hospital, she was ready to pop. We were hoping for as natural birth as possible, wifey has been doing everything by the book the whole pregnancy, so we weren't expecting any complications. Everything went really quickly, at least for me, the mucus plug went as soon as we got to the hospital, waters broke shortly after, a few contractions, and by the time she was ready to push, it was nearly over, 2-3 pushes and at 9:49am we were awkwardly trying to hold a healthy looking newborn.

It was quite a surreal feeling, the combination of overwhelming joy of having made a little human and the weight of the responsibility slowly dawning upon us.

The baby didn't look blue, didn't look like an alien, nor was it covered in too much vernix. A pretty good looking baby if I may say so myself. She seemed very switched on, and was looking in our general direction and smiling (what I now call fart smiles) in no time.

As I was getting the car, I had a huge grin on my face, a strange feeling for me.

Wifey was a complete trooper, and as planned, she didn't take anything for the pain, not that there was much time for that. I was expecting a bit of "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!", but there was none of that, she stayed really positive the whole time, and the look on her face when she first held the baby would've been worth it. The midwife offered to take some photos of us, we're not big on photos, but we agreed, and I'm glad we did, it was dark and my phone camera isn't great, but I'll definitely be printing out the blurry photo of the 3 of us.

There were no complications and we were home by about 2:30pm, ready to start our new job as parents.