Congratulations on your first sales job out of college!

Let me give you a few pointers on your technique. It needs work. A lot of it.

Let's start with your keyboard allergy. Always invariably you start your sales pitch with a telephone call.

Unless the person you are trying to reach is unemployed (in which case you don't want to talk to them anyway) chances are if that person is any less than director level, they are not in an office. Or even a cubicle anymore. Chances are it is an open office in which everyone is privy to your conversation.

So no, even if the person IS looking, no they do not want to talk to you in front of their boss and advertise that. So learn how to type and send an email.

If the person you are talking to is strongly hinting they are in an OPEN OFFICE continuing your pitch asking if your potential product is open to new opportunities shows that you are completely useless.

And keep in mind from your perspective it should only take 10-20 minutes to "get a feel" for who you are talking to is. Notwithstanding the time it takes for that person to find an excuse to leave the building get on an elevator and so forth.

Multiply that by five to ten times a day. No useful employee has time for this.

So what should you put in that email? Well, if you "saw my resume" (lie number one) a brief description of why you think this opportunity is a good match for me is a start. Not some generic blurb. If you are asking me to apply to something with a completely different technology to what I know I know for sure you are a lazy bastard.

What else? Who the client is. Because I may have been submitted already or not want to work for that company.

But what's to stop me from applying directly? Time and bother. Also what is to stop me from saying "Yeah sorry already been submitted there" and then calling them directly? Nothing.

What else? Salary. If I am making $60,000 a year I am not quitting to take a job paying $35,000 a year no matter how cool they are or how many beanbag chairs are in the breakroom.

So don't waste my valuable time and yours leaving out information that could let either side fast fail.

And lastly you think you are exclusive with that "hot req". You aren't. And if you think I was put on this earth to explain to you what you're hiring for because you don't even understand the job description and/or go find you someone else to take the job if I'm not available - work is actually very rewarding. Try doing some rather than trying to get me to do it for you.

Annoyed? Suck it up cupcake. I'll be here in six months, you won't. And even if you are butthurt there's 20 other people trying to make that same commission.